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We are a “Boutique” family owned and operated Registered Texas Longhorn ranch located 10 minutes outside of Fredericksburg Texas on the road to Enchanted Rock. The Krueger/Walsdorf Family has been apart of Texas history as some of the first German settlers to homestead in the central hill country areas.  

While the W2 Ranch was established in late 2007, like our ancestors, we immediately fell in love with topography of the cut limestone and granite rocky elevations with beautiful lush green valleys and year round spring fed creeks. One can only imagine the herds of feral Texas Longhorns, wild paint horses and Comanche Indians that inhabited this area in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  

Our goal as modern day conservators and breeders of these magnificent animals, is to concentrate on preserving the traditional body structures and unique different horn confirmations, while remaining laser focused on improving the genetic pedigrees to produce beautiful Longhorns that are not only hearty and healthy, but most importantly, gentle. We interact with our herd on a daily basis with Cattle Cube feedings, yet we respect their space, and let them be Longhorns!  

We love the different personalities of our Longhorn Bulls, Cows, and Steers. They have their own unique herd hierarchy regarding who’s in charge; who eats first; who’s looking after the babies, and who’s on security watch for predators. We are also always amazed during the spring calving season, at the collage of bright colors that Texas Longhorns produce in their offspring. As quoted by the famous “Forest Gump”…they truly are like “A Box of Chocolates”…you never know what you’re going to get!  

We truly hope you enjoy our W2 Longhorns, and please know we are always open to sales via private treaty.  

Janet & Jimmy "Bear" Walsdorf
Kyle, Kash & Kyndall


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